How To Brew DVDs

from Beer Smith and Palmer Brewing Solutions

How to Brew with Malt Extract

Have you ever wanted to brew great beer at home? Would you rather be able to watch it being done than read a book? How to Brew with Malt Extract is an introduction to home brewing that takes you from purchasing your first equipment and ingredients to bottling and sampling your beer. Featuring two of the best known authors in the brewing community, this video is cinematically filmed with hundreds of detailed shots showing every step in the processCovers equipment needed, ingredients, brewing, fermenting, bottling and judging your beer using extract and partial mash techniques. Professionally filmed in HD with hundreds of shots showing every step in the brewing process. Also includes four bonus videos on partial mash brewing, yeast starters, water and late extract methods. Aproximately 70 minutes in all! Available digitally for online rental/viewing/download via Vimeo as well as Amazon Instant Video and also in DVD format on Amazon Prime as well as many beer supply store.
  • How to select Equipment and Kits/Ingredients for Brewing
  • Step by step instructions for brewing with extract and specialty grains
  • Detailed video on brewing, cooling, fermenting, and bottling your beer
  • Covers Judging and Improving your Beer
  • Bonus videos on Partial Mash, Yeast Starters, Late Extract Additions and Water


How to Brew All Grain

Want to make the leap from extract to all-grain brewing? Would you rather watch it being done than read a book? How to Brew All-Grain teaches you how to brew with malted grains, and covers everything from selecting your equipment to brewing, bottling, and kegging. It covers mashing grains in detail, including traditional and “brew-in-a-bag” techniques. Featuring John Palmer and Brad Smith – two of the best known authors in the brewing community, this video is cinematically filmed with hundreds of detailed shots showing every step in the process. (90 minutes, Widescreen)

  • Selecting the right equipment and ingredients for all grain brewing
  • Conventional mashing and lautering as well as “Brew in a bag” techniques
  • Preparing grains, sanitation, brewing, fermenting, bottling and kegging your beer
  • Judging and improving all grain beer
  • Bonus footage on water, yeast starters, and designing beer recipe


Palmer’s Premium Beer Kits

The award-winning recipes from Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer, prepared and assembled into ready-to-brew ingredient kits! These kits have been specially designed to be brewed at home on your kitchen stove with a minimum of equipment. Each kit comes with clear, illustrated brewing instructions for the general brewing process and step-by-step instructions for brewing that particular kit. The kits range from extract-only, to extract and steeping grains, to extract and partial mash and contain everything needed to brew 5 gallons of beer. All you need is a standard equipment kit from your local home brewing supply shop and a 5 gallon (20L) pot.

Over 10 different styles currently available, including both ale and lager styles, and more on the way! Irish Stout, ESB, Belgian Tripel, American Pale Ale, Robust Porter, Oktoberfest, American IPA, English IPA, Kolsch, and Vienna just to name a few!

Brew the best beer you’ve ever had with Palmer’s Premium Beer Kits!

Available Wholesale from Brewmaster.com

Available Retail from MoreBeer.com

Click here for a copy of the general brewing instructions.

Click here for for an example of the recipe instructions (American Pale Ale).


The BrewLab

from Lamotte Company

Because Better Water Makes Better Beer

Craft brewing has experienced a renaissance over the last 20 years as old beer styles have been rediscovered and new styles created. Beer and brewing are just like food and cooking—to make a great dish you need to understand your ingredients and seasonings, and brewing a great beer is the same. Beer is 90% water and the quality and mineral content of the water can have a large effect on the beer's flavor.

LaMotte now offers a full line of products for the home and the professional brewer and winemaker. Since 1919 we have been helping to solve analytical challenges by providing innovative solutions through knowledgeable technical guidance, prompt service, and quality products. We are proud to extend this to the brewing and winemaking public.

Palmer Brewing Solutions Inc, helped Lamotte develop the BrewLab products in order to provide an easy-to-use, fast and reliable test kit for home and professional brewers alike. The BrewLab tests the 6 water minerals that determine your mash pH and beer flavor in less than ten minutes. The BrewLab Plus includes a high quality pH meter, and the BrewLab Pro contains a combination pH/TDS meter and a dissolved oxygen meter. Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and enough reagents to perform a minimum of 50 tests.
Lamotte Company – Products that help brewers measure their beer.

Click here for link to BrewLab website.

"People often ask me for advice on brewing water, and the most common question is “what’s the first thing I should do?” A great brewer, like a great chef, understands how the ingredients will affect the brewing process and its results. The first step to understanding the effect of water on brewing a great beer is to know what is in it. The Brewlab® Basic from the LaMotte Company is an economical, easy-to-use test kit to quickly measure the mineral content of water and allow the brewer to make informed decisions in the brewing process. Great beer starts with a knowledgeable brewer."

–John Palmer, author of How To Brew, Brewing Classic Styles and Water, A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers.


Anvil Brewing Products

I am very pleased to announce the debut of Anvil Brewing Products from Blichmann Engineering! I have been working closely with Blichmann Engineering these past few years to develop a line of brewing products that combines the best of materials, features, and price point. Each of these products has been developed, tested, and reviewed to meet these ideals and bears the Palmer Brewing Solutions stamp of approval on the packaging. The current product line includes: Stainless steel brew pots, spoon and mash paddle, a large digital grain scale and smaller precision hop scale, weldless and NPT kettle thermometers, and a sturdy, high-efficiency burner with optional leg extensions. More products will be introduced in the future.

Anvil – Inspired by Palmer, Built by Blichmann, and Made for You.