Consulting Services

I can help you to improve an existing recipe or to develop new recipes. I have a better understanding of the impact of water chemistry on beer. I can also provide troubleshooting for your brewery, looking for any signs of infections or brewery corrosion. Many questions can often be answered over the phone or by email, but I am willing to travel to your brewery and help you correct any problem.

My basic offsite fee is $300 minimum for 2 hours work, with $50/hour thereafter. This is usually sufficient time to review your water reports, and suggest salt and acid additions for a couple of your recipes. There are sometimes difficult cases where the water type or number of recipes demands more time. I will provide estimates. My basic onsite fee is $400/day plus travel expenses. Job packages are negotiable.

Contact me at palmerbrewingsolutions@gmail.com or john@howtobrew.com

Technical Writing

I am available for technical writing services. I charge $50 an hour for my writing, typically delivered as a MSWord document or pdf. Other formats and fee structures can be negotiated.


I regularly speak and judge at beer conventions, conferences, and competitions all over the world. If you would like me to judge and/or speak at your event, please give me at least 4 months notice, if not 8; my calendar fills up quickly. Basic requirements for attending your event are travel expenses (including airfare, lodging, parking), event fees, and a speaking fee depending on the length of the event. I love participating in these events and talking with everyone, but I have to make it worth my time away from work. I'm sure you understand.

About My Company

Palmer Brewing Solutions, Inc. in Glendale, California is a consulting company that provides consulting services to breweries worldwide. Although my company has not been around long, it reflects my passion for beer and brewing. I believe in the old Czech proverb, "Where beer is brewed, life is good," and through my business, I seek to help you turn good beer into great beer.

My Background

I am this organization's president, and I am from Glendale, California. I am the best-selling author of How to Brew, and the co-author of Brewing Classic Styles, and Water—A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers. I also co-host of the popular brewing podcast Brew Strong with Jamil Zainasheff. As a metallurgical engineer by trade, I have made a particular study of the process of brewing from an engineer's point of view, including malting, mashing, water chemistry, lautering, clarity, color, and foam retention. I have 20 years experience in brewing and engineering to help you meet your goals.